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February 12th, 2019


Legal Notice

You are not to stalk and turn this entertainment channels podcast posts and turn them into public and social media slander with malicious intentions. You are to stay off my podcast ex spouse, my wife's immediate family who were legally advised to refrain from stalking and any of my immediate family. You are fully aware of refraining from and interferring in any aspect of my life. Your IP Address shows a long list of how many times you are downloading from my podcast. You are not to be stalking. You are not to violate your own divorce decree. It's simple. You are to stay off my podcast, refrain from slandering podcast posts with malicious intentions to the public and social media. Look over your divorce decree. Move on with your lives. If it continues, I will be seeing you in court.


Legal Notice

The following website collects IP Addresses. 




Eric E.W.D-Podcast Channel Owner



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Keep On…KEEPING ON!!👊👊

February 12th, 2019



Thanks to everyone who participated in the Elton John-Goodbye Yellow Brick Road private auction.

The auction is now closed at a winning bid of $4,000!!

The lucky VIP Experience auction winner has decided to donate all proceeds to the following Cancer Organization:

Magic Bullet Fund


"Fighting Canine Cancer One Dog At A Time"




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February 11th, 2019

Watch Now:


Refocusing all my attention again on what's important in life. 

*This video was taken a few weeks ago. The purpose...All the same*

You can't break a STRONG woman!!   ;)



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February 11th, 2019

Watch Now:


Time for a little early morning Monday funny...

Your FAVORITE little spunky firecracker is back!


Workin' the floor lamp??





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Know Your Facts.

February 10th, 2019


When people gossip...It turns Facts into anything but...The Truth.

When you have a broken relationship with birth parents that cannot be worked out among yourselves. (Birth parents and adult children.) You seek licensed medical professionals which are counselors to help guide you into the right direction which is a healthy choice.

When you want to have a relationship that is on it's last string. A close to severed tie that needs to be worked out and pieced back together in a professional medical directed manner.

In turn...

When you find yourself on the third and final attempt by reaching out and offering counseling to amend a broken relationship with birth parents. And they in turn refuse to seek counseling. Then a adult child is left with nothing but to move on to the best of their ability with the remainder of their life.

The only victim in an unfortunate circumstance is any adult child that takes the initiative to love their birth parents enough to do what is right by counseling. And then they are told by birth parents they will not seek counseling. To chastise belittle and irate any birth child/adult without knowing your facts makes it nothing but mere gossip and a false opinion.

So when people make the choice to gossip recklessly about any birth child/adult without first getting both sides of the story and knowing their facts. Then that should tell you that gossiping is most likely not a very Wise Choice nor is judging someone when you don't know the true facts. And you only choose to listen to one side because there is always two sides to every story.

Some adult children are only left to move on with their life as diligently as possible.

If you see an absence of birth parents in an adult child's life...Don't make assumptions. Reach out and make sure you have both sides of the story first before making such a harsh judgement.





MR. T-🚽

February 10th, 2019

Watch Now:



Time to get back to lots of LAUGHTER!!

Up next...PAMMY & TIMMY...But for now take it away MR. T!



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Healthy Boundaries…It’s OKAY To Let Go 👈👍👼

February 10th, 2019



YOU are the most important person in your entire life.

It's OKAY to place healthy boundaries with people.

It's O-K-A-Y to let go!!






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February 9th, 2019

Watch Now:


This video was shared by those who wanted to let the world know about...


An expression of love towards one another that should be given far more often.


What we now find ourselves dealing with is anything but kindness.

When we should be focused physically and emotionally on the next part of our journey. We instead find ourselves dealing with something else.


The above circles represent at least 6 adult bullies that have  anything but good intentions. Bullies that stalk every aspect of our life and then turn it into a distorted public mockery. 

A group of adult bullies that have even taken it upon themselves to contact past friends, relations, employers and the list goes on and on.

*Bullying does not discriminate against age. Bullies do not discriminate against the age of their victims*

A bully's intention is not to acknowledge anything good but to instead annihilate, twist, distort and slander every part of your past.

What's even far more concerning are the group of adult bullies that are now taking our journey and twisting it into their own journey in the darkest sense of being. Stalking this podcast channel found through a long list of IP addresses. Our journey is not the bullies journey. Yet, bullies will do anything within their means to make your life part of their life.

Every single audio, video, photo has been stalked, twisted and distorted by a group of adult bullies to the very core. It's dark. It's beyond disturbing.

Bullies intentions are dark and deep...Not of this world. A mere Circus of sorts with the intentions of Killing their victims with words.

We spent a good hour with our counselor on the phone this afternoon. Addressing their very own concerns with the intentions of the group of bullies. Their goal as bullies is to defame, belittle and annihilate your character, reputation and sense of self.

As expressed through our counselor. The #1 reason for such a high suicide rate in the United States is from Bullying.

"Words can kill."

Although it could be easily said that just disappearing from the world would be the most likely option. A means to finally have some peace in order to protect oneself from nothing but harmful intentions from the bullies.

However, that would be far too easy.

What the bullies fail to realize is the strength of the strong man and strong woman that they are attempting to kill with words.

With every single trial and tribulation that life has handed my way. With every single medical hurdle that I successfully maneuver myself over. I have become a Great Wall that cannot be broken.

The bullies have chosen victims that they still can not break. We can not be broken.

I am stronger than the bullies intentions. We are resilient.

The bullies tactics failed.

Our loved ones in heaven continue to protect and watch over us.

"I am still alive."

We are together, working on a legal solution to end the bullying. As well to make sure there isn't a next victim. Just the same as being proactive about your internal health. The same is just as important with your emotional well being.

We are seeing a dark side of people that is anything but pure. 

It's concerning for our safety.

It's concerning for my health.

Bullying does not discriminate against age. The darkest bullies hold the most harmful intentions.

Never be afraid or embarrassed to seek medical and legal help. 

"To the bullies...It will stop."

 *Suicide by Bullying is considered murder in the United States and Prosecuted as such*

Eric E.W.D.-Podcast Channel Owner


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Message About Bullying

February 9th, 2019




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February 9th, 2019


Due to last minute medical obligations this VIP ticket to Elton John-Goodbye Yellow Brick Road concert on February 27th in Cincinnati, Ohio is being auctioned to the highest bidder.


Bid starting at $2,000

**All proceeds go to Cancer research per your Cancer Organization of choice** 

Consider it a WIN-WIN for you while getting an amazing VIP experience!

Consider it a gift donation-tax write off to help all Cancer Warriors!

Those interested please contact offline and info will be forwarded onto selling party. 


**Current prices on VIP front row tickets**




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