My Sons Grandparents

May 24th, 2019


I have a lot of questions to ask my sons grandparents when I see them in court. Thats right this time I am taking my sons grandparents to court. Just one of many steps so I can finally get my son back.






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417 Pages…Where Do I Begin🤔

May 24th, 2019


I was told to no longer sift through over 417 pages of transcripts. This way I could get a better understanding.



I started yesterday evening from the beginning.


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Why Dont They Own Up

May 23rd, 2019


You know its kind of funny with everyone asking the same question why dont your sons grandparents and inlaws own up and apologize for the problems they created with your son.



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To My Inlaws

May 23rd, 2019


Instead of trying to continue lying about getting involved with my son to everyone thats none of your damn business contacting my ex wife mother of my son asking her to get the phone number to my sons grandparents so you can have lengthy phone conversations slandering me also my mother and father inlaws getting involved with my son thats none of their damn business since they never asked about my son or to see him maybe all of you need to start owning up when you put your nose into business thats none of your damn business. Then my inlaws friends send me information of them threatening me. Isnt it kind of funny when the inlaws were part of the reason for why I had problems with my son yet they still claim to be victims and never own up when they put their nose into other peoples business. 



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SUGAR-LESS Petite Cakes😋

May 23rd, 2019


Here are the little DELICIOUS Petite cakes just in time for continuing all those graduation parties and upcoming summer gatherings!



DOUBLE CHOCOLATE WITH banana cream cheese icing!! Can't forget a little sugar free strawberry preserves on the side  :)




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Mr. Bill & Mrs. Deb💡

May 23rd, 2019


Mr. Bill & Mrs. Deb here is the definition of abandonment. What you stated about me while under court oath was nothing but a lie. 

Abandonment definition, to leave completely and finally; 

How can anyone abandon someone when they were spending time with them. Especially when photos do not lie. But apparently there are far bigger issues when both of you are lying under oath. 

If I were present during your case. You would not had won your case with a mountain of facts that prove you both wrong.

Your claims are highly fictitious.


Why lie in the first place?

Be honest with others...But most importantly yourselves.

In my personal opinion, you have both failed to understand nor want to understand what cancer patients endure before during and after treatment.

I suggest you both find time to volunteer at a local Cancer Institute or Hospice so you may start to gain respect and have a bit of compassion for those who are ill.


 (An addition to this audio)

Although my parents forbid me to go to the funeral of my then, boyfriend's mother. I went against my parents wishes, took my chances and still went to pay my last respects. 

To this very day, I have no regrets.


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Facebook Friend Day

May 22nd, 2019


Your friend is my friend and oh how much your friend has to say that comes in handy for my attorney. Cousins and extended family with any other information or photos to send me regarding my son.



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🤔💡Why Lie?.

May 22nd, 2019


Why lie???

I really don't understand the need for a mountain of lies?.




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A Whole New World To Explore🐾🌻🐈

May 22nd, 2019

Watch Now:


The babies are slowly beginning to open their eyes!

A whole new world is ahead of them with so much to explore. I still have their story to share with everyone but for now enjoy these little bundles of cuteness



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This A****** Trying To Father My Son

May 21st, 2019


And my sister or whoever she is because I don't know her anymore tells me whats going to happen when my wife dies and you dont have anyone. But really you need to worry about what happens when your husband leaves your kids in a hot car like he did his dog and ends up in trouble with charges pressed again this time for manslaughter and you dont have anyone. To my sons grandparents telling me you never had my son around this a****** and there was no pictures of my son around this a******. Kind of funny isn't it when my own cousin sends me photos of my son around this a****** when I told you I do not want my son around him. Oh by the way my cousin did mention to me on the phone that my sons grandmother does have my son call him mom and is constantly calling a family member pam putting me down as a father. Any other cousin would like to help me and my attorney get my son back heres my email.







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