Welcome To My Journey! :)


Howdy Y'All!


Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my Journey!




Podbean and soon to be Patreon are sites that allow me to work from home and help with continued ongoing medical treatment costs in order to keep me stable. Stable means living and enjoying life the best I can while working on my dreams.

The first dream was to re-enter the workforce by working at home as I am now finally realizing that dream... YAYYYY!

The second part of my dream is where you come into play by being a dedicated listener and subscriber to my Plog-Podcast Blog entertainment channel. I will be charging a flat monthly subscription fee... a reasonable fee since a percentage of all profits also goes towards income taxes and other fees associated with the entertainment channel.

Not only do I plan to work hard in order to keep the smiles and laughter coming! But as well all of your support will help in covering continued costs of ongoing treatment plans and other medical expenses that are not covered by insurance.



Not only do I promise to provide miles of smiles, laughter and everyday fun, some days more corky than others... but I plan on finally realizing a very long awaited dream in opening up an animal sanctuary where all injured animals can live out the rest of their lives in a peaceful and loving setting. A place where all of God's creatures, both big and small, can roam wild and free.


Coming from me... Mother Wild... you just KNOW it's going to be AMAZING!


Thank you for taking the time to stop by as I hope to continue in teaching others around the world how to use the gift of laughter when facing pain & adversity one smile at a time~


Thank you, you, you and YOU for all of your support!