You Only Have 1 Life🕯

April 30th, 2021

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Unless you live it. You will never understand it.

The repercussions of breathing in smoke can be detrimental to anyone who suffers from Asthma,  Emphysema, COPD or even those who suffer long term effects from oncology treatments. 

I am thankful for my specialists to quickly work me into their schedule. What I didn't know was how quickly smoke in the environment can penatrate your lungs. Especially when you already have pre-existing respiratory issues. I was also educated on the various types of smoke and how they can effect the lungs.

I still have a second surgery quickly coming up and now placed on additional respiratory treatments due to my bodies response of environmental smoke. Not good. My anxiety having to go on additional inhalation drugs has been off the charts. I also have great concerns on how this will effect my upcoming surgery, next month.

People don't get it. People will never get it, unless it is happening to them. 

After seeking advice from medical professionals and therapists. The best advice given was to just move because respiratory medication will not work if you keep inhaling environmental smoke. 

So... after quickly scrambling and consulting with a realtor. We placed our home up for sale. Not by choice. But because we have no other choice.


#You Only Have 1 Life


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