You Can’t Expect People To ”Get It.” 🤔💡👏

December 28th, 2021


You can't expect people to understand, in which they cannot see. What people don't understand about secondary complications... fluid, ascites from unresolved tumors. Ovarian. The pain, overwhelming discomfort, pressure of the fluid that can push on the lungs. Let's not forget the uncertainty that comes with... being stuck at home on various medications, outpatient procedures. Crossing one's fingers that either the fluid can be drained again, if only just a bit to make things more comfortable. Or medications, the strong stuff to help ease the constant pain. 

I find just being connected to friends through texts, video chats and sharing a smile helps. Laughter for me goes a long way! I am grateful to be reconnected with two great friends over the holidays. Time may may have separated us... but we picked up right back where we left off.

Shorts or light compression garments, such as these help hide the bloat. Sometimes it works. Other days, like today, you just cut your pants or shorts with a pair of scissors. 

"The hell with it!"


I hope this video, podcast helps other oncology patients... brave warriors. 

Free Yourself...My Journey


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