SURPRISE! Still Realizing My Genetic Pool Of Celebrity Connections 🧐😮

January 11th, 2022


And other quite fascinating 😮 surprises!

Waiting on photos of first time seeing my great grandmother at the Sioux reservation. I've been waiting over a year for at least one photo. Historian that my cousin hired found more than what anyone could had ever realized.

No wonder my grandmother had all these really old Indian dolls that went into the wrong hands. Who knows what happened to them. When you start getting handed your DNA print out. Things can get to not only be quite shocking, but as well other pieces of your life start making a hell of alot of sense. 

Cousins on my father's side have also been searching for at least one photo of our great grandmother. Before my grandmother passed away, there was a photo of a native Indian woman in proper native attire. They believe my uncle may be the only one who has that photo. Sure wish others were at least given a photo copy. Years later... finally realizing more than just that 1 single photo.

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