Surgery…The Long Road Ahead.

February 22nd, 2021

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This morning marks the beginning of a very long journey. When years of medical struggles collide into the inevitable. When you become a transplant patient, life changes.

I have come to peace with what I could never health. I have now come face to face with my greatest battle, one of two back-to-back surgeries and months of recovery.

I have also come to peace with those estranged that are now a part of my past where they will permanently remain. I am thankful for those who gave myself and Eric information that allowed for much needed closure. I have amazing trauma therapists who continue to help me heal from years of psychological abuse. They will play a critical part during all aspects of my surgical and recovery process.

This morning, my adoptive parents and soul siblings will be meeting myself and Eric to begin a very long journey in hopes of continuing to extend my life. I am not only blessed but beyond grateful for their overwhelming support and unconditional love. With great trauma therapy, this is something I learned that I have lacked for over a decade..loved ones who support and love me unconditionally.

God is good. Life is good. There are still good souls left in this world. Remember...YOU my friends are forever blessed. 

"Keep On, Keeping On"



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