Sometimes You Just Gotta Let People Be People 💯❣️👍

July 28th, 2022


It's one thing if a person screws up, and owns up to their projected unhappiness on to you.

It's another thing however, if a person continues their projected unhappiness not just towards you, but as well to others. 

If people can't be at the least, a decent human being... learn, evolve and grow from mistakes. You will in time, see the universe unexpectedly step in. God walks into their life and lessons are learned the hard way. This generally happens... the winds of change, when least expected.

Sometimes when people project their unhappiness onto you.. let people be people, and walk the other way.

This isn't your battle. Their projected unhappiness was never your battle to be had in the first place.

You just keep moving, and looking forward. You take care of YOU. Let the universe handle the rest.



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