Remember The Warriors This Holiday Season🎄💝🎄

November 30th, 2019


The following tips can help you cope with cancer during the holiday season and lift your spirits:

*Be in tune with your thoughts and feelings. Feel free to allow yourself some quiet time to cry and reflect.

*Support is important!. Make a list of who you can count on to listen to your concerns, make you smile or encourage you. And when you feel overwhelmed or stressed, call someone on your list for support.

*Keep close tabs on what you eat. Make sure to give your body the nutrients it needs before, during and after treatments. If you have dietary restrictions, don't be afraid to pack your meal or eat before attending parties and events.

*Never be afraid to ask for extra help during the holidays. A little help goes a very long way on days when energy may be limited.

*Start a new tradition. It’s also ok to say no to your old traditions. Send a personal note to communicate your holiday wishes if you don’t have the energy to visit in person or attend an event.

 *Take care of yourself. Identify activities that are rewarding and make you feel good and relaxed. Be aware of the physical stress of entertaining and traveling... do not overexert yourself. The key is to preserve energy so you can enjoy your good days!

**Don’t blame yourself. The things out of your control are not your fault. Focus on things you can actively control. Surround yourself with those you love and love you back...UNCONDITIONALLY.



#Remember The Warriors


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