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July 18th, 2022


You can pretend all you want.

You can wish all you want.

You can fight as hard and as long with all your might.

But it is a sad, yet real reality that there comes a point when you can no longer fight.

What is far greater than oneself.


To all the parents of the world that have sons or daughters that struggle with chronic illness. 

When a son or daughter comes to you for assistance. It is your duty to help your son or daughter. They are already taking on a great feat of living with the daily ins and outs that come with chronic illness. As a parent, you should be checking in with your son and daughter to see if they need any help. Helping to lessen the load, weight on already heavy shoulders.

When your son or daughter is trying to desperately exit an unhealthy relationship and asks for your help time and time again. As a parent, it is a moral duty, your obligation, to help your son or daughter. No adult, already struggling with their health, can successfully free themselves from an unhealthy relationship without help... assistance. It is crazy to think otherwise. 

Any parent or parents who sits back, and instead watches their own son or daughter struggle and suffer. Any parent who refuses to help their own son or daughter... is not a parent.

Any mother who has a daughter or daughters and makes a statement, that they would rather their daughter or daughters be homeless, then themselves be homeless, especially if that parent or parents is financially stable, well secured beyond their means... is not a parent. Saying such a thing from any parent, that has a daughter or daughters not asking for money, but to merely assist in helping that daughter or daughters seek independence from an unhealthy relationship, while also juggling chronic illness... is not a parent. No normal parent or parents would first, say such a thing to a daughter or daughters. Especially, if they have been fully aware their daughter or daughters have been desperately trying to exit an unhealthy relationship. No woman can juggle a chronic illness and at the same time, successfully exit any unhealthy relationship. Can it be done?... sure. But the percentage is low and let's not go there on the stress it places on a woman physically and emotionally. Women, ladies, don't fool yourselves, you cannot do this alone, so never be afraid to ask for help. If you can't get the help from a parent, please reach out for support through organizations that are willing to help you. It's hard enough for young ladies and women, for those who don't live with chronic illness, to carefully and successfully exit any unhealthy relationship. Now add the daily ins and outs of what goes along with chronic illness. You see my exact point!

Any parent, father, that states to their own daughter or daughters, that they can easily replace you... is not a parent. Any father that would say such a thing is narcissistic. No parent would ever let such words slip from the tongue. Saying such words can leave a permanent mark, emotionally with your daughter or daughters.

Any parent, that gets wind of red flags or information of a spouse that a daughter or daughters is involved with and doesn't warn your daughter or daughters, is not a parent. If you as a parent, cannot handle a child born with a chronic illness, then please place them with loving members of willing family members. Especially, if there are willing family members offering to help. To say, you always wanted children, but refuse to take on all responsibilities of a son or daughter that was born with any chronic condition is downright, selfish. You, in turn, are forcing an anything but normal upbringing for that sick baby, infant or toddler.

Any parent that doesn't understand that being a mother or father includes a moral duty to protect and be there in every sense of the work, "unconditionally" for your son or daughter... is not a parent. No one asks to be born with a chronic illness. But as a parent, it is your moral duty to be there for them, unconditionally. That means for a lifetime, because chronic conditions do not just magically disappear... the majority get worse with time. Many, that involve autoimmune, only get worse overtime. 

Anyone who decides to be a parent and cannot provide any, all of the above... you are not ready to be a parent.

By bringing a child in this world and not protecting them, being present unconditionally. You have not only failed your child, son or daughter...

Y O U failed yourself.








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