Nosy Bodies👃🤥👃Insecurities Surface

July 20th, 2021


If you have an issue with somebody. Go to that somebody. If my business doesn't involve you. Then stay out of my business.

I'm not, nor ever was that kind of woman to get involved with petty female drama. I have absolutely, zero time or desire for it.

I don't need to hear who said what, about who said what, when they said it, how they said it and how many said it. Last time, I looked. I didn't have a goal of being involved with the next housewives of nosy bodyville.

"Jealousy poisons ones soul."

Why do women get so crazy jealous over another woman? Because some women have an incredible amount of inner strength! The kind of strength that other women wish they could possess!

If you don't like your life. If you don't like something about yourself. Despising someone else, isn't going to resolve your insecurities. Taking that time you invest in jealousy, of another and instead investing it on one's self...

That's the REAL secret of self 💘 LOVE!

Free Yourself...My Journey


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