September 18th, 2022


The last text from my Mom...

"Is your house being foreclosured?"

We all know... no one puts more blood, sweat, tears into a house a "second time around" for repairs, etc. NOT if it's being foreclosured. It is ready to finally be SOLD. NOT foreclosured.

I told her on the phone, I'm not arguing with you or anyone else. I don't do that anymore and if I did, it would be a waste of a lot of great therapy! If not, I will have to exit the conversation. She replied, okay. That was the end of the conversation. I will no longer allow arguing. If you can't adult, there is no conversation.

I asked my parents for help. It is their choice to help. Or not to help. They read, listen, understand the situation. But again, it is their choice to help. They chose not to help me with a mortgage signature that included myself. I sent the house link from the realtor. It just got listed. It's not a huge house, but a nice house. It's enough for me. But they do not want to help with the mortgage signature. This until it would get refinanced next year or if I wanted to sell. They then of course, would be removed off any mortgage loan paperwork.

Listen to this podcast and more to follow on why I need a cosigner. It will all then make sense.

That is their decision. All I can do is ask two people, who I would expect to want to see me happy. My parents.

Time to now reach out to extended family and the public. Per friends and cousin... time to get some help. You deserve to be happy.


Free Yourself...My Journey



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