Here’s A Gift To Everyone Who Doesn’t Show Up For YOU! 🎁

June 22nd, 2022


What a quite ENLIGHTENING therapy session this morning!

I'm going to say this for everyone who had those in your life... that chose not to SHOW UP for you.

I'm saying this for everyone, all the 'rare' nice folks, and empaths of the world who got hurt by the same person or individuals. That same person and individuals proved one thing to YOU and ONE thing only:

Their asses were NEVER going to show up for you! Their sorry asses were never going to change for you either, so quit trying to get them to see the light through rose tinted glasses!

These same folks have shown you time and time again, who they really are at face value! They didn't show up for you... because they didn't want to show up for you! They made a conscious choice NOT to show up for you time and time and time and time and time and time and time and time and time and time and time and time and time and time and time and time again. They have proven consistent in only one thing:

They ARE NOT going to ever show up for you here in the now or in the afterlife. So...


QUIT the ridiculously stupid hopeful or wishful thinking! QUIT allowing free-loaders to continue renting free-space in your head! See the rear view mirror? They are in your past... keep em' there!

Change is tough, and let's face it. This sorry sack of potatoes world hasn't been kind in the least bit to anyone over the past 2 years! Not to one single soul or HECK... not even to Mr. Roger's, if he was still alive. Let's face it! That guy was friendly to everyone... even the people in his neighborhood after slipping on the same damn shoes every morning! Change takes a hell of a lot of work! Change takes a hell of a mountain of energy!

When the time comes and your ever in doubt. Don't worry about me... I'm perfectly fine living the Richard Simmons high life!

I will finally be doing 100,000,000%... #1... ME.

Oh! By the way! When you finally put the free-loaders, renting free-space in your head... out eating dust in your rear-view mirror, while you look ahead through the front window. Don't forget the mermaid wrapping paper that me & Coty sent ya!


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