Appropriate For Your Wallet 2022 πŸ’°

July 29th, 2022


After reconnecting with a childhood friend. There was a question they asked regarding why some people advertise and brag about money, material possessions. Especially during a very difficult time for so many struggling in the world.Β 

Here's whyπŸ‘‡


People who publicly brag and boast about money, materials possessions, usually do this because they want some sort of recognition.Β 

In their normal lives, they do nothing special or particularly useful. There is a void of some sorts in their life that they fill with money. Having money, assets and excess is not necessarily due to intelligence in the finance area, or rare skills in the individual. Although some of these traits of a person's character can be inherited... if I have more or better than others then maybe my parents or family will see me as a good person. Better than the average Joe. If I hide behind my transgressions with all of my assets, then maybe people will not see my wrong doings. This is a common character flaw that happens due to major life voids within an individual. The choice to boast about their money, material objects to the general public, family, friends or loved ones is to cover far greater voids within one's life. These types of individuals are also well known to show affection by purchasing it. Love to them is money.



Others who boast about their money, are doing it because they have been lucky due to inheritance, or increase in property values... luck buying and reselling at the right time or location. The problem is their happiness solely depends upon what other people think of them. They believe the more money, assets they attain and are able to boast publicly... the better they are of a person. The boasting is in actuality, done to cover being less than ordinary. Generally, if you strip away their shell built of money... they lack personality. There is nothing special about them past the point of their material possessions, and money.

Remember folks, during this difficult time for 2 out of every 3 families in this world... keep your boasting of money, objects, and material possessions down to bare minimum. No one wants to constantly see, read, hear about how much better off you are when there are children going without basic necessities. Couples struggling to pay rent. People in general, struggling.Β 

If you want to boast. Make sure it comes from the heart about how you are helping others. No one has to live way beyond their means. That is an individual choice. Those who choose to do so, let me say... they are only boasting to fill a huge void within their heart. Attempting to achieve some higher than thou social status.




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