When A Bank REALLY Oversteps Boundaries…

August 10th, 2018


Not only did the bank overstep serious boundaries by intentionally reporting false information regarding our current home being in a Natural Disaster. But as well the bank literally tossed the blame on FEMA... Via taped conversations on their end. However other taped conversations with the credit bureaus... as an example of this one... clearly states otherwise.

Not only did the state of Indiana quickly get involved... but as well so did other parties which it's about time after having numerous issues with this bank for over the past almost 18 months with Eric's current VA mortgage loan. The last intentional game of false reporting involved identity theft after the bank added over $100,000 to Eric's existing VA mortgage loan without his knowledge. It wasn't until after a police report was filed along with reports filed with the credit bureaus did the bank quickly remove the report and additional money.

Yes folks... this stuff really happens in real life.

We refuse to let this stand in the way of realizing our dream of moving out west and sealing the deal with the current contract we are under. To me... this is just a hurdle we must jump and do so quickly with the help of the state of Indiana's Department of Consumer Affairs.

Clearly this is a great lesson for everyone that regardless what bank holds your mortgage loan... It is important to check your credit with the credit bureaus at least twice a year if not in our situation... More.

Any bank that falsely reports that a property suffered a Natural Disaster and intentionally does so should be a red flag and handled accordingly by the proper chain of command.

What's really a shame is there are people who hold mortgage loans out west that truly are suffering from a Natural Disaster... Wildfires.

Tis truly a shame...

Shame on this bank anyways.



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