Throw Back Thursday… Watch The Orb~°°

August 9th, 2018

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Here's a little throwback Thursday video of one of many historical locations and sites we have visited over the years... overnight visits.

I've always had a huge passion for learning about history and the stories behind historic buildings such as this one we visited and spent the night at in Indiana.

We always bring all of our ITC equipment however the theory is when least expected will those that still have the capability to revisit us show themselves on camera in various forms. This video was taken at a very old historic building that was built by a very reputable doctor and surgeon in the late 1800s. 

This was the only physician in the small little historic town where surgeries were performed in a makeshift Hospital Suite located in this large Mansion where the rest of his family and children recited for many years. Back then in-house abortions were performed in what was a bedroom suite. We need not go there of the very sick not so pleasant energy in the air. It was only within a mere minute that I had to excuse myself out of the room due to the overwhelming feeling of sadness and loss of life. We were also told that the doctor and small town surgeon buried body parts and dead fetuses in the backyard of the property many years ago.

Due to privacy reasons... I cannot list the name of the property but I can tell you that the spirit and the afterlife Still Remains.

This video was taken going up the steps to the second floor of the property. Notice this white ball of energy-orb that travels from the right side of the staircase... makes its way up the steps and towards myself in which I almost lost my balance.

The feeling was something at this very day I cannot explain.



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