Security Camera~Spirit Remains🕯

February 7th, 2020

Watch Now:


There have been far-too-many occasions since purchasing our home that voices have been heard in the back of our property. Yet... no one is around in order to explain the unexplained.

There have been other videos we have taken in the back of our property with what appears to be some sort of angelic looking wings caught on camera. What as well, can not be explained.

There has even been a time I woke up, opened the living room curtains to find a very peaceful white dove perched in front of the window looking at me as I stood in complete awe. That as well caught on camera. 

This afternoon, the security system sent an alert to my cell phone on something picked up by the backyard camera. Notice the lower left corner of the security system camera. What clearly appears to be someone, spirit form, walking towards the back porch and then you can hear noises as if moving things around or whatever I assume the afterlife feels needs to be done at our property...HA. 

The strangest part of all is that this happened when no one was home and in the mid afternoon hours. Some believe that the spirit only returns at dusk due to what some feel is connected to magnetic field-energy changes. Dark vs. Light.


Today has sure changed my views. It should also change your views on how we treat one another while still here on earth...Alive...Living.

Spirit Remains.


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